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Case Study – Mast Cell Tumour

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We provide a comprehensive range of fertility services and encourage farmers to be proactive in the management of their herd fertility. All our vets are experienced in providing routing fertility work using ultrasound. more


Mastitis is one of the most improtant diseases of the production cow and as such awareness and control is crucial to herd productivity. Dairy farmers are strongly encouraged to have milk recordings at monthly intervals to assist with monitoring. more


Surgical Procedures

The full range of surgical procedures can be performed including cesarian section, displaced abomasum correction and digit removal. more



Herd and Flock Health Planning

We offer a comprehensive service to provide herd and flock health plans using modern online software that allows the farmer to input production figures and assess where improvements can be directed. more



Post Mortem

We offer a post mortem service for all species of animal and this can be performed either on farm or at the clinic. more



Poultry and Game Birds

We are a modern, proactive practice that is up to date with the latest developments in the industry. We liaise with rearers and keepers in order to identify and rectify any problems. more

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