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Case Study – Mast Cell Tumour

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Wensum Valley Veterinary practice has a fully equipped, purpose built padded surgery suite with a hoist and a specialized inflatable operating table.


Whenever operations take place we have two fully qualified veterinary surgeons in attendance at all times.


Prior to an operation, the horse will be given sedation in our pre-med room before being taken into the padded knock down area. The horse will then be fully anaesthetised and immediately rigged up to our modern monitoring equipment – which measures the blood pressure, heartbeat and pulseoximetry by way of a continuous readouts.


We use a hoist to assist us with the mobilisation of the horse onto our operating table.


Whilst the horse is being operated on, the anaesthetic is maintained using oxygen and gas which is constantly monitored throughout the procedure by one of the veterinary surgeons.


After the surgery, recovery takes place in the padded room under close supervision.

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